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Fredrikson Financial Advisors

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Our Values and Philosophy

Fredrikson Financial Advisors is led by Bob Fredrikson, CFP, MBA. A life-long investor, since age 10 (really), Bob loves the financial markets even on “bad” days...and we've had way too many of them lately. 

He firmly believes in relationship-based independent advice without conflict of interest. Seeing some abuses by commissioned financial advisers is what led him to serve clients better by establishing his own fee-based firm. In 2005 he had the audacity to leave his position as a nationally ranked top "producer" of a "household name" firm, in order to do things a better way.

He draws from over 20 years' experience in Financial Planning, Investments, Corporate Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Credentials include Certified Financial Planner ®, –Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Arizona State University and –MBA from Butler University–. He gives back to his profession as a board member for the Financial Planning Association of Greater Indiana and to the next generation as an Adjunct Professor of Finance and Accounting at Butler University.

Bob believes it is a heaven-sent gift that he is allowed to fulfill a consuming passion, made clear from the first moment you meet, for helping people achieve their financial goals and make smart decisions about their money; be it retirement, college planning, budgeting, money management, estate preservation, or goals unique to the client.

He believes that money is merely a tool for living life to the fullest and should be plentiful, not scarce and a cause of problems, as it is for so many. He teaches that financial wealth is not about having more money but enough money. His opinion of True Wealth led to his motto "It's not what you have, it's what you do with it that really matters!"