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Fredrikson Financial Advisors

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Our Services

Individual Financial Planning and Wealth Management

  • We determine client-specific goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and manage your money accordingly.

Investment Consulting and Portfolio Management

  • We monitor, review, and manage clients' portfolios for those of you who desire professional management. We build and manage diversified portfolios that encompass mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF), individual stocks, bonds, REITs, and other investment opportunities. 

Retirement Planning

  • Whether you are just starting out, near retirement, or in retirement, we identify sources of income, cash flow, and uses (budget) of cash then devise a strategy to help ensure you will have enough money to retire.

Education Funding

  • We strive to identify the most cost, tax, and financial aid advantageous strategies to pay for some or all of child, grandchild, or other beneficiary's education whether it be for private elementary through high school, public or private university, or trade/technical program.

Estate Planning

  • In coordination with your attorney, we help you design and document a tax-efficient estate plan that meets your charitable desires and the needs of the bequeathed. 

Tax Planning

  • We review client tax returns and circumstances then consult them on strategies and opportunities to reduce their income tax burden.

Insurance Services and Risk Management

  • We identify your areas of exposure to risk, review current or proposed insurance benefits through your employer or seek high-quality and low cost insurance products to help protect clients from a catastrophic loss or expense.