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We are fee-based advisors retained by you and working solely for you. The very first thing most prospective clients realize is that we are in no way, shape or form pushing (selling) a product based agenda. The "Sales Mentality" of most Financial firms is, in our founder Robert Fredrikson's opinion, the leading cause of poor advice, poor results, poor communication and the frequent turnover of advisors.

At Fredrikson Financial Advisors your prosperity and financial freedom are our goals. We understand, advise, and help you use disciplined, yet flexible and sound financial management strategies and tools. We are experienced and well qualified to assist you in all areas of your financial life by consistently making intelligent and informed decisions that maximize your opportunities, while minimizing your risk, and building in the flexibility you may need. Though not required, we prefer to develop a focused and customized plan specific to your needs. 

We bring a refreshingly holistic, educational, consultative and personal approach to the management of your finances.

Regardless of your current circumstances, financial planning and education may be among the most valuable uses of your time....yet many do nothing or just the basics. Sound planning, advice and execution can make a profound difference in your level of prosperity.

Call today for your free initial consultation and see if we are meant to work together.

Fredrikson Financial Advisors